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Do you have what it takes to be a consistent winner in Texas Hold 'Em?

Lots of players, casual and serious alike, love the game of Texas Hold 'em. Most of the ones that lose on a regular basis will attribute their losses to bad luck. But the fact of the matter is only 10% of the world's Texas Hold 'Em players are profitable!

Whether you are new to the game of Hold 'Em, or you're an experienced player looking to fine tune your skill advantage, becoming a Card Genius VIP member will gain you exclusive access to best and most all-inclusive poker training available anywhere.

We do not regurgitate others' playing styles. We teach you to adopt your own, and when you do so, you will quickly learn how to recognize and exploit the same weaknesses that you used to have!   Read how below!

What People Are Saying

Lisa T.
CG Member
I’ve learned about strategy; theory; fundamentals. You can literally come in at any level you want to learn about poker. You can fit in wherever you need to be for your progress of learning...
Steve D.
Hartland, WI
I been playing poker for over 6 years. After I joined Card Geniuses, In less than a month span, I won a $11 rebuy for $12,800 (2383 players) and the Nightly 70k (1436 players,) and I owe it all to the Card Geniuses' Card University Training...

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  • Raising Raising The CardGenius Mentors discuss Raising in the High Stakes Super Turbo SNG Format.

Just Playing Is Not Enough!

Experience alone is not enough when you're playing against not only a player as experienced as you (or more) but one who has committed to mastering the art of Hold 'Em.

There are many variables involved in what makes a poker player profitable in the long run.  These include different degrees of knowledge and skill, and to a much lesser degree, luck. 

Poker is a skilled game.  What the profitable player knows is what we already established here: over the long run, positive expected value, in essence, one's profitability, will have very little to do with luck at all! 

The Key to Winning – Stay Ahead of the Curve.

You would be hard pressed to find people that love to lose at poker.  They exist, but isn't winning not only gratifying but downright fun?  To become part of the top 10% of Hold Em's consistent winners you must acquire essential skills and digest the theory that will make you a Card Genius.   What does it mean to be a "Card Genius"?  You will develop your own playing style.  You will exploit others' weaknesses.  You will spot patterns, and tendencies, and profit from them.  You will be the one at the table the other players idolize and fear.  You will play to your maximum potential.

Most Poker Instruction Today is Well-Intentioned, but Fundamentally Flawed.

What followed the so-called "poker boom" of ten years ago was also an explosion of instructional material.  There is no shortage of information available to you from a host of different providers, all ready to teach what they think is right.  You could probably guess the fundamental challenge with this, you are being bombarded with conflicting information. 

We invested millions into Card Genius University with our main philosophy being the teaching of tried and true sound poker concepts and principles, not the regurgitation of conflicting material.  We love everything about what makes our members DIFFERENT, and most of all we love helping each and every one of them use what THEY do best to help them WIN at poker!

Put simply, it is counter-productive and ineffective to learn an approach that works for someone else.  Poker is too intricate for that.  It is not like learning how to ride a bike, or drive a car.  Learning strategies that work for OTHER PEOPLE is a recipe for disaster.  And who has the time to sift through a bunch of convoluted and contradicting material?  Sure you might find a couple of helpful tips, but what works for Joe may not work for Jim!

When you begin to adopt your own playing style, the theory and practices you learn become second nature to you.  You learn to think quickly and make sound poker decisions under varying circumstances, and that is obviously very difficult to do while attempting to emulate someone else's playing style.  You can never "Phone a Friend" at the poker table!

Become a Card Geniuses VIP Member for just $9.95 a month.  Our Competition charges far more and delivers way less.

VIP members enjoy access to cutting edge poker instruction tailored to their specific needs.  The Card Genius University is stocked with hundreds of instructional videos from Beginner through Advanced Level Poker, poker tools, IQ tests, personal mentoring, and much much more.   Once you take the step to invest in us, we return the favor a hundred fold to ensure you become a consistent winner in Texas Hold 'Em.

The People Behind Card Geniuses' Poker University are Highly Qualified to Make You a Consistent Winner.

Our world class content, video library and software were all developed by winning poker professionals, expert researchers, education and curriculum specialists, senior software developers and video and motion graphic experts.   We are passionate about poker and equally passionate about helping our members achieve their personal best in poker and in life. 

Become a Better Poker Player… or Your Money Back!  Guaranteed!

Don't be stuck with the poker training status quo any longer.  Join the thousands that have gone "all in" with Card Genius University.  Call our bluff and see how much your game can improve.  If you don't believe that our University has made you a much better poker player, we will gladly issue you a refund. 

Sign-up now for a Free 21-Day VIP Trial Membership and start experiencing what it feels like to be a winner at Texas Hold 'Em.
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